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3 Month Course In Acrylics + Business Mentorship

3 Month Course In Acrylics + Business Mentorship

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This course is for beginners wanting to learn acrylic nails. It will provide you with all of the necessary skills and industry-recognised qualifications. The course is accredited by Beauty Industry Approval. You will receive a Rebsnailroom certificate upon completion of this course.

How To Book

You must select 8 4 hour sessions a month over a span of 3 months, totalling 24 sessions for this course. Once your times are selected, you must select a payment method and purchase your course. You will then be emailed if any changes need to be made to your requested course dates/times. 

What you will learn 

This comprehensive three-month acrylic nails course tailored for beginners, offers an extended timeframe for in-depth skill development. Over the course, you'll delve into precise techniques for liquid and powder application, tip application, shaping, with an enhanced focus on intricate nail art. The extended duration allows for more dedicated practice time, translating into refined skills and superior results.

Our program includes a detailed training guide covering essential nail techniques and an expanded section on business fundamentals. Notably, this course introduces a practical dimension as you'll be required to complete model sets, providing real-life experience crucial for mastering your craft. Additionally, shadowing sessions will enhance your understanding through hands-on observation.


As part of the assessment process, you’ll be required to submit assignments regularly, ensuring practical application of your acquired skills.


Resbnailroom Training Academy guides you through the nuanced process of launching a successful nail business, with ongoing support throughout your journey. Take advantage of the extended duration to hone your skills, gain comprehensive knowledge, and build the confidence necessary for success in the competitive nail industry.

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